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There are a few methods to get SSL Certificates on to your web site. Extended Validation. Domain Name Validation. Organisation Validation. Issued within 10 minutes and installed onto your website web server within moments.

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Domain Validation is a great way to secure your web site with https as long as you buy it from Comodo SSL.

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Positive SSL Certificates is the cheapest and best way to get the greenbar padlock secured and encrypted https on your website, fast to setup.

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Comodo SSL Certificates specialising in SSL Certificates from Comodo, DV, EV, OV SSL Certificates.

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SSL Certificates from Comodo have issued well over 100,000,000 and hve 47% of the market share.

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Domain Validation, Organisation Validation and Extended Valdiation with an easy way to get your SSL Certificate installed on your server. Quickly go from http to https in moments.

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